I'm Duane, an artist at heart with a passion for capturing love, emotion, and humanity in its purest form. Originally from the sun-soaked landscapes of Malibu California, my journey has taken me across the globe and through various walks of life.

A former US Marine of 10 years, I carry the discipline and attention to detail instilled during my service into every frame. Wedding photography, to me, is more than just freezing moments in time; it's a celebration of human connection, and the ability to immortalize moments that would otherwise be lost forever. It's about capturing the genuine emotions, the stolen glances, the electric energy, and the timeless beauty that is sure to unfold on your special day.

Beyond work, my heart beats for two things – my beautiful Doberman, and humanitarian work. If I'm not immersed in the art of photography, you'll likely find me lending a helping hand to a cause close to my heart or sharing a beautiful hike with my pup, Jax.

My lens is my passport, and my art is a testament to the diverse love stories I've had the privilege of documenting. From intimate portraits and small gatherings to grand celebrations, each wedding is a unique chapter, and I would be honored to be your storyteller.